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We will have the following events:

  • 9th International Congress of Physical Therapy
  • 3rd Brazilian Congress of Clinical Physiotherapy
  • 5th Brazilian Symposium on kinesiologic Diagnosis Works
  • Pilates Congress
  • 2nd Wednesday International Physiotherapy

We are preparing the programming of pre-conference workshops and side events.

Date of opening of the free themes system: 11 /01/2016
Deadline for sending free-themes: 05/31/2017

Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy:

  • 1. Registrations canceled until 03.31.2017 will have their return values, discounting 25% service charge;
  • 2. Registrations canceled until 30.06.2017 will have their return values, discounting 50% service charge;
  • 3. After 07/01/2017 no refund of registration values.
  • 4. To return, request in writing of the bank account to return, full name and social security number of the account holder.
  • 5. Returns will take effect 30 days after the congress.
  • 6. Registrations are personal and not transferable.
  • 7. The SBF can not accept responsibility for cancellation of the event due to natural disasters, terrorist attack or nacioal and global economic crisis will derail the event.
  • 8. The scientific program disclosed may be modified without notice, because of higher order or relevant reasons that prevent participation of speakers, not fitting any indemnity bond for this reason.


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Values of workshops 4 hours of activity (morning or afternoon): R$ 200.00 for R$ 120.00. Promotion: sign up for two workshops and get 50% off the second workshop.

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Da PUCRS Events Center
Porto Alegre, RS – Brazil
14 to 17 Setembro 2017